There's a chance that... may already know me! 👋 I am Mohit Mamoria.

I am programming computers since I was eleven. I built my first business when I was eighteen in college. Since then, I have been actively writing and teaching stuff that people don't understand easily.

I authored WTF is The Blockchain?, which became one of the most read pieces on the internet, getting translated in 10+ languages and read by 5mn+ people till date. I have taught difficult technical subjects to over 15000+ people in four countries.

On the internet, my lessons have been quoted by some of the largest magazines and organizations in the world including TechCrunch, a16z, The Next Web, among others.

If I may be bold, understanding a subject with in extreme detail and then explaining it in simple English is my thing.

Buy me equivalent of lunch once a month, and I'll be your wingman through this jargon-filled world.

Mohit Mamoria